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Where Am I Right Now tool helps you to find your current location with map. You can use this my location tool to find your location, address, city, gps coordinates, latitude and longitude.

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You can get your current location by using the phone's built-in GPS device or you can purchase a gadget for your phone that can help you find your lost friend, family member or employee. Below are several methods for tracking down your loved ones who have wandered off and don't know where they went. The traditional way of finding your lost loved one or friend with the help of a GPS device is to look around. Look for clues as to the whereabouts of your loved one and if they can be located through these clues, contact the police. This might sound simple, but it is quite time consuming and difficult because there are so many variables involved.

There are a number of ways of getting my location such as using an infrared saunter on the device or using a location finder that comes with the phone. The third option is by way of mobile phones that have GPS built-in and are meant to be used while on the move.

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Your GPS locator will let you know when you have been spotted by someone else and the first way of finding your lost friends is to get their GPS location. There are a number of ways of doing this which might vary from using the phone's built-in GPS device or buying a gadget that works as a tracker.

Before you try to locate your loved one using where am i app, make sure you know where they are. If you are uncertain, use a map as a reference and look for landmarks such as rivers, street names and road signs that can lead you to the location of your loved one. You can also check their maps for important places that you need to know about before you start the search.

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The first method for finding your lost loved one is by using the phone's built-in GPS device. These gadgets are inbuilt within the phone itself and it is best if you can check the settings and options in your phone to make sure that the GPS function is enabled. If you are not sure whether the GPS is enabled, you can just turn it on and try it out.

To enable the GPS feature, select the option menu and go to the tool options section and turn the GPS function on. Then select the option menu again and check the 'I' symbol. Next, go to the location menu and make sure that you have chosen the correct location that corresponds to your loved one's exact location.

If you want to find your loved one after you have gone looking for them, you can check the images of a particular item that might have been at the scene of the accident. You can go through a photograph or a snap shot of the scene and compare it with the present location. If you see anything that matches with the present location, you can head back to the location and try again to get your GPS location.

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If you have purchased a gadget and the location finder is already included in the phone, you will just need to install the gadget onto your phone. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with how the features work before you get started. If you have questions about the features and how to use them, you can refer to the phone's user manual.

If you do not have a gadget and have purchased one online, you will have to download the software into your phone that can help you get your GPS location. This software is like a GPS tracker in itself and you will be able to use it with your mobile phone. You just need to plug it into the phone and you are ready to track down your loved one.

Once you find your loved one, do not hesitate to call them. Remember that it might be difficult to get in touch if the phone is switched off. Try pressing the camera button and once you see your loved one, tell them that you found them and they should contact you.

Always remember that it might take some time to track where am i right now. You should stay patient until you have successfully found them.

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How does Where am I App work?

Our free tool where am i right helps your to find what is your current location using your device GPS. What is my location tool shows your latitude and longitude according to your exact location. We use a location HTML API to find your current location with map.

Do you store my location?

No, we do not store your location. Once you exit the site, your location get deldted automatically permanently.

Does it work on mobile phone?

Yes, the where am i right tool works on any mobile device like andriod or iphone and computer as long as you have the location feature enabled on your phone.